Thanks to the following sources of graphics and images; training, and (most of all) the application without which this website might not exist. Should a link no longer work, please inform the webmaster.

As this site grows, we’ll add other related links and categories.


The icons on this site are available free for commercial use under varying sets of terms and conditions. “Contact Us” icon on Communications page.

aha-soft: Building icon on Businesses page.

Graphic Artists Guild: Wheelchair icon on Accessibility and Handicapped pages is from their Disability Access Symbols library.

IconDrawer: “iphoto” icon on Senior Citizens page.

IconShock: “Full Cart” icon on Consumers page.

Practika Icons: “Job Opening” icon on Job Seekers page and “Portfolio” icon on Portfolio page.

Studio TwentyEight: This provider’s BeOS icon set supplies icons for most pages.

Paige Photography: Photograph of Philip Schawillie on About page by Wendy Doll.

Digital Tech Guide: Graphic on Welcome page


Visit the following sites for free training on website development with WordPress.

Digital Raindrops: This site’s layout is based on the themes developed as part of their WordPress tutorial series. Their video tutorials provide a good introduction to the WordPress interface.


This is the home page for the application that makes this site possible–WordPress.

WordPress home page includes downloadable software, documentation and support.