We’ve devoted over twenty years to working with personal technology users from beginners to experts. Our goal is to develop self-confident, self-reliant users of personal technology.

Individualized, one-on-one training. We work with one client at a time. It’s our job to discover how each client learns best and tailor our approach accordingly.

We come to you. Ever take a class only to return to your home or office and face unanticipated problems? Whether by remote access or in person, you train on the equipment you’ll use every day.

Free consultation. Call or email us today.

About Our Site

Many of our clients and prospects are new to the Internet. This guided tour of our site explains its contents and provides links (the underlined words) to many pages. Click a page’s link (or use the menu) to visit that page. Then click the company logo to return here. If a link doesn’t work, contact the Webmaster.

Welcome: You are here, at our home page.

Products: Our business offers personal technology Training and Online Content development. Here we tell you more about them.

Services: We describe issues we regularly encounter that cross product lines. They include Accessibility, Communications, Job Skills and Research.

GuidePosts: This is our blog. We comment on issues we and our clients face as we explore the world of personal technology.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): These questions occur to clients and prospects accross product lines.

Clients (side menu): We address how our products and services can address different clients’ needs.  The current list includes Businesses, Comsumers, Handicapped, Homemakers, Job Seekers and Senior Citizens. We expect this list to evolve along with our company.

Top menu: Support describes our services to clients (and when possible, prospects) outside of formal training sessions. About describes our company and its founder, Philip Schawillie. Contact provides a form to request additional information.

Bottom menu: The Links page acknowledges providers of software and graphics used to develop this site. Send feedback and reports of broken links to the Webmaster.

We appreciate your interest.